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** Public Safety is paramount - I believe the police are vital to our ability to ensure "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," and I will not seek to defund them or unnecessarily hamstring their efforts to keep us safe.

** Local Focus supporting Local Businesses - I believe government should be small and helpful..... If you want to do something with your home or business, the City of Camarillo should "Lean Towards Yes" and help you with your request consistent with safety and ethics and what is good for the City.

** More Jobs - we need to aggressively recruit businesses to relocate to Camarillo that provide high paying jobs, particularly in vacant buildings like the old America's Tires on Daily and the Kmart on Arneill.

** No increases in City Sales Tax - The Ventura County Supervisors narrowly voted recently to allow free spending Oxnard to raise their sales tax again..... the worst part is that to do that, they had to authorize the other cities in Ventura County to increase their sales tax, currently at the state minimum. 

 ** Election Integrity and Access - Every eligible voter should have their vote counted, once. We should know who won before we go to bed on Election DAY. It should not be difficult to register and vote, and I don't think it is difficult now.

** Government Overreach - NO to mask mandates, NO to online school, NO to business shutdowns/excessive regulation.... Be Not Afraid..... We have nothing to fear but fear itself.  By the same token, if you want to wear a mask I support your decision and no one should question your freedom to make that choice.  That is how freedom works.... as much as possible.... "you do you" and "I'll do me".

** Pride - I believe that Camarillo is a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family, and I want to keep it that way, while making any improvements that make sense.

** Independence - I have never run or held political office...... I am beholden to no special interests ..... the only endorsement I seek is your vote and assistance in this campaign

** Priorities - I believe the role of City Council Members is to promote the interests of Camarillo, not to bring in the troubles of the world.  

** Respect - For way too long, intolerant scolds have been personally attacking anyone who dares to disagree with them.... it doesn't take much courage to support the free speech of those with whom you agree..... you can respect someone without having to agree with them.  I will do my level best to focus on criticizing the policy and the ideology of my opponent, but I will not disparage them as a human being.... I don't want to win that badly.

** Identity Politics - Every citizen in Camarillo deserves to be seen as a unique individual created by God, not some mindless helpless member of a group with preset destinies.

** Privacy/Contributions - $99 is the maximum donation I will accept..... if you give $100, I have to report your name on public disclosures.  I prefer to protect your privacy.


Dirk Lay for Camarillo City Council District 2 2022
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