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Pro-Freedom and Anti-Woke

 Here is a link to the Camarillo Acorn newspaper article on candidate positions -

Here is a link to the Ventura County Star newspaper on candidate positions - 

Here is a link to the Youtube of my first ever political debate..... I have marked the beginning of my turns to speak if you don't want to watch the whole event.... I'm probably not the most polished speaker you ever heard, but I sure did have one hell of a good time

3:47 - Introduction
13:05 - Water resources shortage
21:00 - Housing affordability
25:22 - Old Town
35:00 - Police
47:37 - Golf course Camarillo Springs project
49: 05 - Committee assignments
57:48 - Community Service
1:07:20 - Climate Change?
1:09:10 - Campaign strategy
1:20:06 - Concluding remarks


 Why am I running?

Because the incumbent City Council Member representing District 2 was nearly recalled after making several public remarks which indicate that she is not always proud of Camarillo or its citizens ... and in regard to those statements... "I am not her".  

Here is the website for the recall effort so you know why...

*** Here is just one quote from the incumbent District 2 City Council Member Susan Santangelo .... "White people are all racist because this world, this country, is systemically racist, and we are part of that system." ***

If you share that belief..... I don't want your support. 

Public safety is my #1 priority.... Susan Santangelo wants to "defund/reallocate resources away from"  police service.   I disagree strongly.... "I'm NOT her!"

But I am more than just a protest candidate!

I have very deep roots in Camarillo .... I first moved here in 1986 as a young Naval Aviator on active duty at Point Mugu.  I have lived and worked in Ventura County ever since, and moved back in to Camarillo in 2016.

Camarillo is a great place to live, work and raise a family due to decades of sound management and that is what I promise to provide. 

If you live in District 2

I want to earn your vote.  View my Issues page, and if you agree with me, sign up to volunteer and share my website with your friends.

If you live in another district, I encourage you to introduce me to your friends in District 2.

*** What happens in District 2 will effect the entire city of Camarillo. ***




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Dirk Lay for Camarillo City Council District 2 2022
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